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i know you're just a boy, but i can hardly tell

you tilt your head, there's a city inside

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Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:Maryland, United States of America

about me
26/f/tx. Admitted fangirl of many years. (the first step is admitting you have a problem) former Texas State University English major and Sociology minor, current Criminal Justice graduate student. Casual gamer. On the internet far too much. Thinks people who want to know more about her should read her interest list, as it's certainly big enough.

Friends: Anyone who wants it. Everyone is welcome (mostly).

Fandoms: (chronologically) Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Vampire Chronicles, Savage Garden, Batman/DC comics, The X-Files, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Supernatural, bandom, White Collar, and Marvel movieverse.

Gryffindor is drunk love that neither of you really remembers the next day.

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